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Okay, maybe that’s a tad harsh. But, as a person who seems to like to build people up at my own expense, I think it’s a step in the right direction. Fixing everything and trying to find my own self esteem and self worth by looking outside of myself sometimes attracts unhealthy people.

“Love me so I can love myself!” I seem to say in a whisper, much like those silent dog whistles, that only a narcissist can hear.

Friends and neighbors, I can tell you honestly…that does not work. If in fact you’d like to attract people that will take and not give anything back, if you’d like to spend your time trying to please the unpleaseable, if you’d like to feel smaller everyday…well, that’s the recipe.

Look in the mirror, into your own eyes, and see how wonderful you are. Look within.

Don’t forget to love yourself.

Soren Kierkegaard

Love Yourself

Eating your problems?


When women are depressed, they eat or go shopping. Men invade another country. It’s a whole different way of thinking.

Elayne Boosler

I eat my problems.

I never had this problem when I was younger, or maybe I didn’t notice, but as I get older I can clearly ‘see’ that I do this.

Okay, what do I mean by this you may, or may not, ask?

I eat when I’m depressed. I swallow my words too. I stuff down my emotions. I ingest the pain I’m in and hold it all inside and then I have a sundae. It then appears on my hips. Voila! Just like magic; but not.

I never knew this about myself because it never showed up on the outside until lately.

Friggin’ 50!

So, is the answer to go to the gym more or is it to tell everyone to fuck off? Make myself happy instead of making myself ice cream? Take a break from making everyone else feel good and regurgitate all this negativity; shed the burdens; lose the weight of everyone else and have a salad instead?

Definitely time for a change.

Gluttony is an emotional escape, a sign something is eating us.

Peter De Vries