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The Booker Award



The Booker Award

I really do love this award because I love books, as I’m sure most of you do. They are everywhere in my home and have been my escape from reality since I learned to read. I’ve moved across the US more than once and I’m sure I could have paid for the moving van with the money saved had I not packed every book. But I could never part with them.

Do you know how some people like to look in other people’s bathroom cabinets when they visit. That never really held much appeal to me. I like to look at their bookshelves. This award saves me the trip times nine not to mention the restraining orders. So here we go…

1. Nominate other blogs, as many as you want but 5-10 is always a good suggestion. Don’t forget to let your recipients know. See below.

2. Post the Booker Award picture. Done

3. Share your top 5 books of all time

1.  My first favorite book was definitely A Wrinkle in Time by Madeline L’Engle along with The Velvet Room by    Zilpha Snyder

2. All time favorite book is Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl

3. The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion

4. Tales of a Female Nomad by Rita Golden Gelman

5.  Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

Thank you to Jenn from http://newsofthetimes.org/. Her blog is original, inspiring and informative and the photography that goes along with it is a winner, which is why you should vote for her photo of Patagonia on Bucket List Publications Travel Photo of the Year Contest! Just saying….

Okay, so Jenn has already listed quite a few of my favorite blogs and I’ll look forward to seeing what they consider their favorite books. I am really curious to see what these incredibly interesting people read. Come on, let’s hear it. Don’t make me look on your bookshelves!

Life with the Top Down: http://fretym.wordpress.com/

David Kanigan: http://davidkanigan.com/

Kyle Mew: http://kylemew.com/

Momentum of Joy: http://momentumofjoy.com/

Lucky Leo : http://maryannemistretta.wordpress.com/

Rendezvous with Renee: http://rendezvouswithrenee.com/

Jmgoyder: http://jmgoyder.com/

Life in the Boomer  Lane http://lifeintheboomerlane.wordpress.com/

And last but not least Help Me Rhonda: http://help-me-rhonda.com/ who must also write seven things about herself because we all just want more! If you weren’t so damn funny I’d leave you alone.  Well, maybe not : )

Happy Reading!

Very Inspiring Blogger Award



Let me say that receiving awards does not get old. That being said I’m going to inflict yet another 7 things about me on you, and as a reward for reading I’m going to recommend some really terrific blogs that you may or may not have checked out already. There! That seems like an almost even trade.

To accept the award, the rules are:

Link back to the person who nominated you:

Thank you, Mimi @ http://waitingforthekarmatruck.com/. What can I say about this woman and how would I know when to stop? If there is some small chance you haven’t been following her you absolutely need to. She is just as likely to make you cry and make you laugh and often will do that in the same post. I’d insist she write a book but that would have a beginning and an ending and I prefer to read her every morning with my coffee along with my buddy http://help-me-rhonda.com/. WWW forever!!

Post the award image to your page: Done

Tell seven facts about yourself: Okay, I’ll try short and sweet this time. Long and funny is on my previous post. I like to mix things up : )

  1. I’m an only child. It seemed okay when I was younger and life was not so easy but now I wish I had siblings. Actually I’m thinking about putting an ad in Craigslist for a sister. Do you know anyone looking?
  2. When I was younger I wanted to be a writer for Saturday Night Live. Well, I still sort of do.
  3. I hate speaking in public or in front of a group larger than about 3. I rethink everything I’m going to say until it’s too late to say it. If I have notes I’m better but I still dislike it. Plus it’s weird to carry notes with you at dinner. It’s been misinterpreted for shy, but really it’s just over thinking.
  4. I never wanted to get married but had nine names picked out for children. I guess I was ahead of my time although none of the four I did have were named for fruit or Greek gods.
  5. I love to go to the movies alone. No one talks, you don’t have to share your popcorn and no one reminds you 6 months later that you sobbed like a fool.
  6. This is probably creepy enough for an entire post but when several people I have known passed away I “knew” before I was told. Twice it woke me up in the middle of the night gasping for air. Several were accidental deaths so I could not have expected it, and it happens almost at the time of death so I can’t warn them.  I really do not like this but have no idea what to do about it. 
  7. My family nickname when I was a child was Miss Closed-mouth because I never talked and would never share a secret amongst a family of gossips. The spilling of my guts on this blog is causing much rolling in graves! Haha Gotcha! 

Nominate 10 other blogs (Yes, I can count and I know I’ve listed 12. You’ll thank me, trust me. Remember, this is your reward.)













Let them know they are nominated: Will do!

Seven Things About Me Award



Well, I’m a sucker for an award!  Honestly. I am very grateful that anyone wants to read what I have to say, much less award me with anything.

Okay please humor me and play along.

1.  Thank the blogger who nominated you.

Thank you, http://forcingmyselfhappy.com/ I just recently started to follow her journey to a happier self and I have to say you’re not only brave but very sweet and interesting. I’m rooting for you!

2.  Share seven things about you. See list below if you are in need of a sedative. : )

3.  Nominate other bloggers you think deserve the award and post on their blog to let them know they’ve been nominated.

 This is difficult. I will spare the several bloggers I adore and who I think deserve every award out there because they are so incredible, because they’ve already received most of the awards and because they will wish a pox upon me for giving them one more thing to do. You know who you are and they know where I live. Enough said.
Instead I will offer you two new blogs I’ve been following in hope that you will take a look and possibly follow:
Wonderull, smart and funny. Enjoy!

7 Things about Me (you’ve been warned)

  1. I talk about them all of the time, but the most important thing about me is that I am the mother of four children ranging in age from 28-16. Everyone is about to move up an age which clearly meant I desperately needed to get a winter hobby in my childbearing years. I adore them all.
  2. I am a pescaterian (vegetarian who occasionally indulges in fish) and a vegan wannabee. I’ve eliminated almost all meat and diary since April. Oh, and wine is made of grapes and vodka from potatoes for those you who wondered. : )
  3. My second biggest fear is getting sick. Not just a flu, but incapacitated and reliant on others. I’m fine being there for others and have done it many times, but I am terribly afraid of ever being on the receiving end.
  4. What is my biggest fear, you ask? The inability to correctly punctuate even though I was an English teacher? Noooooo. It’s that something will happen to one of my kids. Whenever I would hear sirens my heart did a double beat until my youngest finally said, “for crying out loud Mom, they don’t put the sirens on to tell you bad news.” He is so much smarter than I am, although now I just shake when I see any emergency vehicle.
  5. I will turn 50 on December 10. I’ve tried to get it declared a national holiday but so far no luck except for one friend who agrees, or thinks I’m nuts and pretends to agree. I really never considered making it to 50, so I am incredibly pleased. I’m planning on redefining middle age and also living well past 100. The child with the worst record of being consistently nice gets “Depends” duty eventually. It’s my oldest son right now. He is praying for my continued continence.
  6. I just quit my job, started a new business and a nonprofit. When I tell people this they smile and say, “*That’s wonderful.” I suspect they also think I’m nuts, but that’s’ what they say about most people that live extraordinary lives. I’m so full of surprises I usually don’t know what I’m going to do until it’s done. Sometimes it’s great and sometimes it’s a hellish disaster. It’s been quite a ride.
  7. I always like to be learning something new. I just learned how to make pasta and made it with my son this week. That gave me more joy than I can possibly explain.

I have been very fortunate to not only spew my thoughts on to these pages almost daily, but also have some of you like them. Thank you all for reading and bless you all for taking the time to comment.

I feel lovely today!



Oh my, I am so excited to say that I was nominated for the One Lovely Blog award.

Now, to those of you who have been nominated for many awards the level of my excitement might seem, well, silly. I woke up my 16 year-old son before his alarm to tell him about the honor, which is clearly not wise. He gave me a high five or a fist bump or something that resembled swatting me away, I’m not really sure, and promptly went back to sleep. So I did a solitary happy dance, clapped a bit, and made coffee. I am having such a good morning!!

Thank you very much to http://spilledcookies.com/.  She’s smart and funny and has great insight (and terrific taste in bloggers) : ). Please take a look at her site, it’s worth the trip!

* In an effort not to bore you all to death with myself I will add that on 6/8/12 I was nominated for the Lovely Blog award for the second time by  Finding Beck . Smart, funny and a pleasure to read. Please go take a look.

The Rules for Award participation are:

▪   Link back to the blogger who nominated you.

▪   Paste the award image on your blog, anywhere.

▪   Tell them 7 facts about yourself.

▪   Nominate 15 other blogs you like for this award.

▪   Contact the bloggers that you have chosen to let them know that they have been nominated.

Resume blogging your regular posts.

  1. When I was about six years old I would write and illustrate stories, staple the construction paper together, and go door-to-door in my neighborhood selling them. I’m sure I was very annoying.
  2. I have four children ages 28-16. They are the absolute light of my life, even when they are intent on driving me insane.
  3. I have two Master degrees and a year of law school and I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.
  4. I have recently switched to a vegan diet with the exception of fish. I can’t seem to give that up, so I officially and publicly apologize to all of the salmon I will eat.
  5. I am very excited about turning 50 this December. I like 50 and appreciate all of the very cool, interesting women who have made that birthday something to look forward to. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kUECWLjPeSQ) I need to add Sheryl Crow to this list of fabulous 50’s.
  6. I have just recently started doing Pilates twice a week (see #5) and love my instructor. She challenges me to do things I didn’t know I could do. It carries over in my life. Thank you Alex.
  7. When I started writing this blog I published my posts so quickly, because I was afraid that if I didn’t that I wouldn’t, I would then have to go back in several times to correct grammar and punctuation. Now I just leave the mistakes alone. Anyone who reads it knows I’m not perfect already!

Now for the best part. I get to share with you some very talented, interesting people I have found and followed. Some of these people are so insightful and smart I only wish I knew them in person. Many of them have been given so many awards I don’t expect that they will have the time to repost, but I am enjoying the ability to pass thier blogs on to my followers. In no particular order:





Women in Wellness Project




The Truth Warrior


Patti Clark

You Were Born To Succeed



Niki Anandi

http://goethesdream.wordpress.comWow, that was harder than I thought it would be. Please take a look at these sites. They will make you laugh and cry and more than anything they will make you think and re-evaluate your life, or atleast that is what they have done for me.Thank you.