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Let me say that receiving awards does not get old. That being said I’m going to inflict yet another 7 things about me on you, and as a reward for reading I’m going to recommend some really terrific blogs that you may or may not have checked out already. There! That seems like an almost even trade.

To accept the award, the rules are:

Link back to the person who nominated you:

Thank you, Mimi @ What can I say about this woman and how would I know when to stop? If there is some small chance you haven’t been following her you absolutely need to. She is just as likely to make you cry and make you laugh and often will do that in the same post. I’d insist she write a book but that would have a beginning and an ending and I prefer to read her every morning with my coffee along with my buddy WWW forever!!

Post the award image to your page: Done

Tell seven facts about yourself: Okay, I’ll try short and sweet this time. Long and funny is on my previous post. I like to mix things up : )

  1. I’m an only child. It seemed okay when I was younger and life was not so easy but now I wish I had siblings. Actually I’m thinking about putting an ad in Craigslist for a sister. Do you know anyone looking?
  2. When I was younger I wanted to be a writer for Saturday Night Live. Well, I still sort of do.
  3. I hate speaking in public or in front of a group larger than about 3. I rethink everything I’m going to say until it’s too late to say it. If I have notes I’m better but I still dislike it. Plus it’s weird to carry notes with you at dinner. It’s been misinterpreted for shy, but really it’s just over thinking.
  4. I never wanted to get married but had nine names picked out for children. I guess I was ahead of my time although none of the four I did have were named for fruit or Greek gods.
  5. I love to go to the movies alone. No one talks, you don’t have to share your popcorn and no one reminds you 6 months later that you sobbed like a fool.
  6. This is probably creepy enough for an entire post but when several people I have known passed away I “knew” before I was told. Twice it woke me up in the middle of the night gasping for air. Several were accidental deaths so I could not have expected it, and it happens almost at the time of death so I can’t warn them.  I really do not like this but have no idea what to do about it. 
  7. My family nickname when I was a child was Miss Closed-mouth because I never talked and would never share a secret amongst a family of gossips. The spilling of my guts on this blog is causing much rolling in graves! Haha Gotcha! 

Nominate 10 other blogs (Yes, I can count and I know I’ve listed 12. You’ll thank me, trust me. Remember, this is your reward.)

Let them know they are nominated: Will do!

About Magnolia Beginnings

Just when you think you have it all down it changes again or... “Reshaping life! People who can say that have never understood a thing about life—they have never felt its breath, its heartbeat—however much they have seen or done. They look on it as a lump of raw material that needs to be processed by them, to be ennobled by their touch. But life is never a material, a substance to be molded. If you want to know, life is the principle of self-renewal, it is constantly renewing and remaking and changing and transfiguring itself, it is infinitely beyond your or my obtuse theories about it.” ― Boris Pasternak, Doctor Zhivago

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  1. You are a wonder! And thank you so much for such high praise – I will treasure your words as I treasure you…And you picked some terrific blogs to recommend too!!

  2. Thank you so much for the nomination! I have already received this award, but I happily accept the honour. Thank you for thinking of me! I love all of those things you shared, especially number 5. I’ve got to try that sometime! Too many people have witnessed me sobbing, and if not that, snorting.

  3. Wonderful post and thank you for the nomination. It couldn’t have come at a better time. I was thinking of giving all of this up. But you inspired me to keep on, keeping on. I’ll be sure to do my post on Monday next week. You rock chica!

  4. Why thank you so much!! Oh and those seven little facts about really made me smile especially no.3. I so understand the part about over-thinking! 😀 I even have trouble relaying to the question “So what have you been up to?” I like notes. Shaz

  5. YAY Mags. You deserve it and great list of fellow Noms! A couple new ones for me to visit too, which is ALWAYS a good thing. I’m sitting here at 11pm on a Wed. night, eating cold spagetti (yeah, don’t ask) thinking just how wonderfully full my life has become since beginning this blogging journey. I can’t explain, won’t ask God to explain, and frankly don’t give a damn. I am SO VERY GLAD to have connected with you and October has taken the lead over November as my new favorite month. CANNOT WAIT!

    • Okay, first of all, spaghetti, chinese food and pizza do not calories if eaten cold. If you eat it while standing over the sink then there are negative calories. As far as the blogging community, I know exactly what you mean. It’s as if exactly what I had wished for, intelligent female friends and an outlet to write, was just handed to me with a bow on it and better than I could have ever imagined. So very grateful too and October can not come quick enough. Love ya!

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